Lovely sea turtle resin painting in the wooden box resin art, 3d painting

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Ever wanted to own a pet turtle? If yes then this is your chance because we‘re offering you one that doesn’t even need to be fed twice a day. It’s not real but it sure is the closest thing to a living pet turtle.

Skillfully painted 3D resin art is something that will bring a classy twist to your home decor. This painting will get you a beach vibe while you sit in your living room watching tv. The beautiful wooden box serves as the base for this wall art home decor however the subtle green turtle acrylic painting is the center of attention.

You can pick your own favorite pet from the options; go for the green tortoise or the sea turtle. Both have been painted with the same passion and dedication. The attention to the details feels like the artist has painted this while sitting in front of the living objects. Depth effect turns this resin painting into a swimming bucket.  

The artwork requires time depending upon the weather conditions as it is a fact that resin dries slowly during rainy days.
✔ To beautify it more, it is totally FREE for you to change colors, or add more details to the painting, such as leaves, petals, or pearls.
✔ The painting is make-to-order. 

✔ It takes 3 days on the way to abroad shipping.

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